Popular Scuba Diving Events Around the World

The popularity of Scuba diving in the UK is one of the things that make the region a popular destination for travellers. Locals happen to love the activity just as much, and events here are never boring, especially in the Midlands. The practice has also grown in popularity in the US and Australia, among other places.

While scuba diving is the same across the board, the structures put in place by organisers determine how enjoyable an event is. Usually, scuba diving events are organised by clubs. Some of the best ones around the world include:

Boston Sea Rovers: 67th Annual Conference & Expo

This multi-event scuba diving meet will be taking place at Hilton Boston North Shore on 50 Ferncroft Rod. Top divers, scientists and underwater video and photographers come together for yet another episode of underwater fun and exploration.

For an entire month, the Boston Sea Rovers will treat attendees to a film festival, artefact exhibits, a show floor, and daytime presentations. Famed underwater expert Dr Gregory Skomal will be the master of all ceremonies.

Maritime Archaeology Webinar – Exploring and Discovering Shipwrecks

As the world gets used to online operations, archaeology-inclined scuba divers will be treated to this underwater event on 7th October from 10 to 11 pm. Shannon Ricles will be moderating the session, which will look at wrecks in different parts of the world. Did you that some of these underwater wrecks are conserved. That and much more to learn in this online event.

Handicapped Scuba Association South Africa Dive-A-Thon 2021

The association will be staging a 50-hour diving competition for three days. They are looking to attract 1000 divers in what will also serve as a fundraiser through participation fees. The money raised goes towards nurturing more handicapped scuba divers.

The association says that scuba diving gives handicapped divers a sense of freedom in a 50-minute diving experience and a lifelong sense of dignity.

Dive 2021 – The Birmingham Dive Show

This is one of the best diving shows in the West Midlands. Attendees and participants are pushed to the fun limit in the two-day event.